Frequently Asked Questions

1. What languages does Dr Salla speak ?
Dr Salla speaks English, French, Finnish and Moroccan dialect.

2. What are your opening hours ?
From Monday to Friday:
09H00 - 12h30
14H30 - 18h00
9H00 - 12H30

3. I want to drive to your office. Is parking available ?

Yes, free parking is usually available in Al Marinyine street and the surrounding streets of Hassan Tower.

4. Can I speak with Dr Salla on the phone to speak about a child case, and how can I do so ?
Dr Salla accepts phone calls from her patients, when necessary. However,  phone calls can't be considered as a medical examination and therefore can't lead to prescribing medicine. To call Dr Salla, please proceed as follows: 

A. During office hours:

During office hours, please call the office at to present to case of your child. Tell your contact person : your name, the name of the child, your phone number, then describe your case. Your request will be communicated to the doctor as soon as possible.

B. Outside office hours:

Only in emergency cases, call Dr Salla directly on the emergency number: 

5. Can I send an email to Dr Salla to discuss a child's case ?

Unfortunately, due to the Dr commitment with the office patients, she can't be contacted by email. You can however submit non-medical requests via this website contact form.

. My child is in a threatening medical situation, what should I do ?
To be developed soon

7. What payment methods do you accept in the office  ?

Cash and checks.

Phone        :
Emergency: (only for current patients of Dr Salla)
Opening hours:
Monday to Friday:
09H00 - 12h30
14H30 - 18h00
9H00 - 12H30